Parivar Vikas Foundation

Parivar Vikas Foundation started its journey in September 2021.

The Parivar Vikas Foundation is a organization dedicated to providing aid and assistance to the all needy. Founded in 2020, the foundation has taken up the task of helping people living in poverty, by providing them access to health care and other essential services.

The foundation also works to empower communities through its Arogya Mitra project. This project was launched with the goal of providing healthcare and medical assistance to those who cannot afford it. Through this program, we strive to improve the quality of life for all people.  By providing them access to basic healthcare services at affordable prices. We are committed to helping reduce financial burden on those who cannot afford it so that they can focus on their future prospects without worrying about medical expenses.



Bachat Mitra is an initiative that not only encourages individuals to save money, but also helps them do it. Our main focus is to make sure everybody gets maximum benefits on their purchases.

Make Every Purchase Count

We have a wide variety of discounts and offers which you can use to get the best prices. So, never miss out on a bargain! You can save up to 5-20% on your daily grocery needs, lifestyle purchases and more.

An Array of Choices

From clothing to appliances, from food and groceries to books — whatever you need for your day-to-day requirements, we’ve got it all covered with our user-friendly choices menu!

Stay Updated

With regular notifications of offers and discounts from top brands in your vicinity, you can stay in the loop of the savings opportunities available near you at all times.

Our Team


Hemant K. Trivedi

Director/Relationship head

 Mahesh B. Bhandare

Director/marketing head

Shubham Shukla

Director/technical head

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