1) This initiative is being implemented with the aim of saving the expenses of all the needy and willing people of the society.
2) Bachat Mitra Saving Card is being implemented in collaboration with businessmen and organizations.
3) This card can be drawn and availed by any person from all communities.
4) This card must be present or present while availing the discount.
5) The card will be valid for 1 year from the date of issue. There is no compulsion to get this card.
6) Shown discount will be given Don’t insist shopkeeper for more discount.
7) Take care that your behavior does not cause any trouble to businessmen.
8) Since this project is based on voluntary principle, members should understand the rules and conditions of the organization.
9) Fees are being charged due to the fact that the said activity is being implemented by a private organization. I accept this and I am willing to withdraw the card.
10) I am joining your organization’s Bachat Mitra saving Card for 1 year. I agree to the terms and conditions of the organization Entrance fees + membership fees Rs 69/- business facilitator fees Rs 30/- total Rs 99/- but the card should be provided.