1) We have an establishment by this name at the mentioned place
2) The prescribing organization in this is a private and service providing organization. Conducts activities to provide services to people at discounted rates.
3) Bachat Mitra Saving Card is given to interested persons through this scheme implemented by Parivar Vikas Foundation. Discounts will be given to the Prescribing Foundation to the holder of the Bachat Mitra Saving card, according to which the Prescribing Foundation is willing to participate in the activity and as per the mission policy of the organization, the Prescribing Organization agrees to provide discounts to the person carrying the Bachat Mitra Saving Card as per the following categories.
4) As per the letter of guarantee agreement, once the Bachat Mitra Saving card holder shows the Bachat Mitra card before or after the purchase, the issuing organization is bound to give the discount to the cardholder.
5) If the establishment holder does not comply with the rules, the organization can cancel the agreement with them at any time without notice.
6) The institution prescribing the benefit of Bachat Mitra Saving Card will be bound to provide concession for at least 5 years
7) The contract is valid till the expiry date and it is mandatory to renew the service before the expiry date otherwise the contract will be terminated after the expiry date.
8) Cannot break the rules during the contract period or cancel the contract before completion of the contract period. If this is done appropriate legal action will be taken against the establishment holder.
9) Any changes in the scheme in future shall be intimated to the prescribing institution and such changes shall be acceptable to the prescribing institution.
10) Vendar holder agrees to all terms and conditions.